Friday, December 23, 2011


Haiku Friday: Christmas!

Hi! My name is Mark, and I love Christmas! It's simple, I know, but let's stick with the obvious and haiku about Christmas this week. Here is mine:

There's chill in the air
But no snow to be seen, yet
Warm hearts abound here.

Now it is your turn... the winner gets their bio here on Monday!

Eyes full of wonder
Anticipation-pulsing be young again....
Getting on a plane--
Long lines, bags, crowds, delays, but then:
Christmas with family.
The reindeer are fed
All Sand Mountain is sleeping
Is it over yet?
We do not expect
What comes in the night--
The tender King born.

They tell us to look
For the large,for powerful--
Bearing love,Child Comes.

Our own children thus
On Christmas give tokens of
What comes in the night
We do not expect,Tender King--
You come a child,poor.

They tell us to look
For the large,for powerful
But Love sleeps in straw.

Our own children come
To teach us who you are,Lord--
Rare...Abundant Joy.
On a cloudless night
I will search the eastern sky
Rudolph's nose so bright
*For The Curessa*

Be-rosied Lady
Totes beamish boy and holds hands.
Gems twinkling? Has.
Last line in Curessa should be: Gems twinkling? Has now.
Standing in Walmart
Wondering why in the world
Am I shopping here?
O Fake Christmas Tree
You saved my marriage to the
Best Gift Of My Life.

(And thanks, Renee!!)
One Christmas she threw
The tree into the snow,mad.
Then made the prime rib.

Her husband recalled
A Depression stocking with
A gum stick/orange.

They were sad...sad...sad.
Still,the children had it all.
But struggled through Yule.

Nothing but Gift
Could free voices to sing glad
Nothing but Love could.
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