Friday, December 02, 2011


Haiku Friday: Christmas Songs

It's time... we can now listen to Christmas music guilt-free. I love Christmas music, as many of you know, and delight in finding new things every year.

Let's haiku about that... here is mine:

Minnesota snow
Or Waco's wet December,
Sweet voices carol.

Now it is your turn! Just make it 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, and 5 in the third... if you win, your bio will appear here on Monday!

Sleigh bells ring! Are you
listenin'? Osler's "gift" has me
Wishin' I hadn't.
Good King Wenceslas?
Feasts while kingdom nearly starves!
Mannheim Steamroller:
part jazz and part orchestra -
Love that trumpet sound!
Orchestra on Pandora.
I think I'm in love.
A beautiful song
A famine in Africa
Do they know? I hope.
Soprano singing
Over whispering chorus
Makes deep nights deeper
Foghat's "All I Want
For Christmas Is You" It Rocks!
Not sappy Bieber
Rock N Roll Christmas
By George Thorogood and the
Destroyers Rocks too.
the hypnotizing drum beat
we march through the house
Drink this wine and dream
For we are all soul searchers
Searching for love, love
"What I can I give..."
words sung in dimly lit church,
misty-eyed Christmas.

Struggling into my
red and white choir robes, the songs
great familiar joy.

Waste high, smelling wine,
and food; singing grown-ups, mom's
annual caroling.
Caroling neighbors
The kids of Colonial
Hot choc'late reward

we walked up front stoops
Truhols, Renicks and Oslers
offkey and frozen
I'm not bothering to blog this week. Justin T. already wins.
Church hushed in darkness
A voice sings out, my mother's,
clear: "O Holy Night..."
Christmas misery
Until cranberries bring them together.
Silly Waitress(es)!
We "Razorites" of
Osler are - bearing thoughtful
comments from afar...
Dashing thru the rain
In a pair of Birkenstocks
How we roll in Portland
Too many carols make
me grumpy like the Grinch is,
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