Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Crikeys, That's Violent!

I like to check back in on my favorite news outlets back in Waco, and I have to say that I am kinda taken aback by how grim the news seems to be out of Texas these days-- which is saying something given that I am currently in the Detroit area. The amount of gun violence is incredible.

If you don't believe me, check out the listings below, which is the "headline" section from the KWTX website. I did not edit this, or delete or edit anything-- I just cut and pasted it out of KWTX.com.

Christmas Day Gunman Dressed As Santa Kills 6 In Texas Suburb
The gunman who killed six people in a suburban Texas apartment before shooting himself was dressed as Santa Claus, police said Monday.

Two Stabbed In Early-Morning Disturbance
Two people stabbed in an early morning disturbance Monday were taken to a local hospital and police are looking for a third person involved in the incident.

Texas Police Open Fire, Kill Troubled War Veteran On Christmas Night
A 29-year-old man described as a troubled Iraq war veteran died on Christmas night when officers opened fire as he ran toward them with a gun in his hand after firing at police cars.

Party Boat Explodes, Burns On Central Texas Lake; Arson Suspected
Damage is estimated at $1 million after a party boat exploded and burned in a Central Texas lake.

Late-Night Christmas Fire Destroys Local Couple’s Home
A Central Texas man and his wife escaped with their dog and little else as their house went up in flames just before midnight on Christmas.

Texas Police Officer On Leave After Deadly Christmas Night Shooting
A Texas police officer who shot and killed a driver who became combative after a crash on Christmas night was on administrative leave Monday.

Christmas Day Drive-By In Texas Neighborhood Leaves 5 Injured
Police think a domestic dispute was behind a Christmas Day drive-by shooting that left five people injured including a 6-year-old boy.

Bones Found Partially Buried In Wooded Area Of San Antonio
Authorities were trying Monday to identify bones that a man and his son found on Christmas Day while walking in a wooded area of San Antonio.

Christmas Day Fires Leave 3 Texas Families Homeless

Fires left three Texas families homeless on Christmas Day.

Elderly Texas Man Dies In Hit-And-Run Accident
An elderly Texas man was killed in a hit-and-run accident near an interstate rest area in Alabama.

Texas Family Pulled From Snowbound SUV Spends Christmas In Colorado
A Texas family that was headed up ski trip ended up stranded after their SUV got stuck and then was buried under about four feet of snow.

Drug Violence Kept Texas Families Apart On Christmas
Drug violence in Mexico kept some Texans from visiting relatives this Christmas.

Texas Who Pulled Gun And Chased The Wrong Guy Says He’s Sorry
A Texas man who chased another man he believed had ripped him off in a drug deal for 10 miles apologized after he realized he was chasing the wrong guy.

Some Rebuild In Wildfire Ravaged Bastrop, But Not All
New homes are going up in parts of wildfire-ravaged Bastrop, but in other places, all that’s visible are the foundations of homes that burned.

Hackers Target Central Texas Global Security Firm
A Central Texas-based global security firm targeted by hackers says such attacks can be hard to defend against.

Texas Police Task Force Focuses On Mexican Mafia Gang
A Texas task force made up of local, state, and federal officers is focusing on the activities of the Mexican Mafia in Central Texas.

Crooks Take No Holiday; Elderly Man Bilked Out Of Thousands Of Dollars
Police were investigating Friday after an elderly man reported he'd been bilked out of thousands of dollars.

Texas Border Agents Seize 7 Tons Of Pot In 5 Days
Agents on the Texas border seized more than seven tons of pot in just five days this week.

Five Taken To Local Hospital After Shooting Involving Police Officer
An injured police officer, a man whom the officer shot and two other adults and an infant were taken to a local hospital late Friday morning after what started as a traffic stop in Temple ended in gunfire.

Shooting In Rural Central Texas Leaves 2 Men Dead
Two men died in a shooting at a rural Central Texas residence, authorities said Friday.

Early Shoe Sale Apparent Cause Of Local Mall Disturbance
Waco police assisted by McLennan County sheriff deputies were working early Friday to clear customers out of the Richland Mall after a large crowd gathered for early morning holiday sales, but quickly became unruly.

Teenage Girl Flown To Local Hospital After Early Morning Shooting
A woman was flown to a local hospital after a shooting early Friday in a rural area.

Central Texas Death Row Inmate Loses Appeal
A federal appeals court has refused an appeal from a Central Texas man sent to death row for burning his ex-girlfriend to death.

Hotels Across Texas Offer Free Rooms On Christmas Eve
Hotels across the state are providing free rooms on Christmas Eve to those with friends or relatives in hospitals and nursing homes.

Chase Ends When Fleeing Car Strikes Jeep, Injuring Driver
A driver whose Jeep was struck by a car whose driver was fleeing from a state trooper was taken to a local hospital Thursday.

Texas A&M Player Dies In Highway Crash
A Texas A&M football player died Thursday in a traffic crash.

Gas Leak Forces Evacuation Of Texas Police Department Headquarters
A gas leak early Friday forced the evacuation of a Texas police department headquarters building.

More Retailers Pull Formula From Shelves After Infant’s Death
More retailers are pulling powdered infant formula from shelves after the death of an infant.

Texas Woman Charged In Slaying Of Oklahoma Man
A 65-year-old Texas woman was held without bond Friday charged in the shooting death of an Oklahoma man to whom she lent money.

Thousands Of Rounds Of Ammo Cook Off As Rural Texas Home Burns
Bullets were flying and Texas firefighters had to keep their heads down as fire engulfed a house, cooking off tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition stored inside.

Four Dead Horses Found On Texas Property; 7 Others Rescued
Animal rescuers found four dead horses on a Texas property and took custody of seven others that were emaciated.
Texas Prison Guard Accused Of Sexual Abuse Of Inmate

A guard at a federal medical prison unit in Texas is accused of sexually abusing an inmate.
Former Soldier Surrenders After Standoff In Local Neighborhood

A 26-year-old former soldier surrendered to authorities Thursday after a two-hour standoff in a local neighborhood, during which some residents were evacuated.

Deputies Want To Know Who Sent Porn To Local Boy’s Cell Phone
Deputies are trying to determine who sent texts with pornographic pictures to the cell phone of an 11-year-old Central Texas boy.

Teenager Arrested After Texas College Coed Killed

A teenage woman accused of stabbing a 21-year-old female Texas college track athlete remains jailed after was charged with murder Thursday.

Texas Deputy Fired After Young Son Shoots Brother With Service Weapon
A Texas sheriff’s deputy was fired, arrested and charged after one of his young sons used his service revolver to shoot a younger brother.

Texas Boy Lost Kidney In School Shooting; Classmate Can’t Move Legs
One of the teenage boys who was shot during a basketball tryout outside a Texas middle school lost a kidney and a second still can’t move his legs, doctors say.

wow - makes me want to pack up a U-Haul and move to Texas.....
How to resist succumbing to the smothering affects of those headlines?

Please request your Razorites to share a treasured moment (personal headline) from this Holiday Season.

I believe many heart's would be warmed through reading the comments that would be shared.

Each day is filled with countless invitations to reach out and touch another's life - most of us do without question. Your headlines shared should encourage more effort on our part.

Our efforts do make a differnece, often in ways unknown - can we ask for more, more than the invitation?
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