Thursday, November 10, 2011


Political Mayhem Thursday II: Yelling nonsense at his constituents

I'm fascinated by this video of Republican Rep. Joe Walsch of Illinois screaming at his constituents. First of all, he seems like the least reasonable person in the room. Second, he just seems so wrong. He keeps screaming that government created the 2008 recession, not the banks. Huh?

Government did play a role in the banking crisis-- by deregulating them. President Bush did push for more homeownership (like Clinton before him), but tried to achieve this by removing regulations on banks and other lenders. I'm confused as to how this leads Rep. Crazypants to conclude so vociferously that regulation is bad.

One thing is certain: He is very, very mad.

I want to know what he mixed with the coffee he has blamed for his tirade?
I believe Rep. Walsch may have a "thing" for Minnesota's 6th congressional district Rep. Ms. "Crazy Eyes" - they would make a perfect congressional couple - so compatible...
I assume that those people are voters. He acts like he voted them into office. This guy'd get dropped like a sack of potatoes if he had a real job.

If I were there I wouldn't have done anything. But I would have felt like getting in between him and the lady when he was yelling. It'd be out of a sense of protectiveness for the woman, but also to see just to how loud he thought he could get.

Wow, he owes the Internet an apology. That wasn't passion, that was testosterone. Even if his position was correct (though probably not) he still lost the argument. He was more committed to power than to truth.
I am the marketplace who brought you out of the land of Egypt, the house of bond(age), you shall have no other gods before me....
I wonder if he is okay with the BIG GOBVERNMENT that regulates the coffee industry?
Is it Haiku Friday yet? I just wrote my first haiku in a while and I think I'm sitting on a gold mine.
Timmy!, you don't even know what the topic is yet! Are you a Freshman? At Baylor?
There's a topic?! That kind of limits the applicability of my haiku. Hopefully lightning will strike twice for me.

Nope, not a student (or otherwise) at Baylor. Just following the blog after seeing some of your other writings. Interesting stuff, Mr. Nice work.

However, it might be that you should give Timmy at Baylor a call. He seems to be top of mind for you somehow.
Yeah, I enjoyed the writings of Freshman Tim! for all seven years of his undergraduate education...
HA! Awesome.
Here is the original Freshman Tim.
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