Monday, November 28, 2011


Our winner: S!

Blogging was a little light this week due to the holiday, but we still got some great haikus. In a close second was this gem from Seraphim (and believe me I would love to write a bio for that...):

Breakfast of the gods:
turkey, bread, lettuce, mayo
(then cold pumpkin pie)

Our winner, though, was "S," who wrote this masterpiece:

Pie, pie, glorious
PIE. Refuse you? Oh, but why?
Hot or cold, still pie.

And now, the Story of S:

In an age when women were not accepted as college football players, S defied convention. Pushing her long hair up into her helmet and then refusing to take the helmet off until she was back home was a sufficient disguise, as her ferocious demeanor on the field hid her public identity as an intellectual and a thespian. While her university (Texas A & M) was not exactly known for great football, she helped them overcome several Division III and high school opponents. Her position, eighthback, required her to position herself between the center and the quarterback, and then leap onto the opposing defensive players while striking them on the head with a variety of concealed objects. She was outstanding at this particular task, and received a full scholarship after her freshman year. As a senior, she was not only a starter, but was coaching the team, all while refusing to take off her helmet.

After college she was unable to catch on with a professional football team, and instead played for three years with the Detroit Lions. A fractured tibia ended her career, and she then was able to focus her full attention on the firearms store she still maintains just outside of Sioux Pines, South Dakota. Congratulations to S!

Thank you, thank you!! Football and firearms, you really know me so well.
I've noticed that several of the winning (and deservedly so) haikus lately have had rhymes ... coincidence? Or something darker?
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