Wednesday, November 30, 2011


On Writing and more

Sometimes, I am a writer. It's funny, in a way-- when I was a kid, I always wanted to be a writer and see my words in newspapers and books. Then I fell in love with the law (I really did), and it felt like stepping away from that dream.

But, who knew? The vocation of law actually was thrusting me into a world defined by language, by writing and speaking and advocating for (if you are lucky, and I am) those things that are closest to your heart. I get to do exactly that. I write articles and stories and a book; I send them off and people (sometimes) take them as worthwhile, all of which still holds great magic and wonder for me. I'm still surprised when I see my name, or read my own words.

But... I get to be a teacher above that. My first discipline is to my students (though I realize that this prioritization may fly in the face of convention in some parts of the academy). I love that feeling of looking out at my students, or (as happened yesterday) having what they called "hang-out class" which revolves around a review of their work. I'm a lucky man.

Beyond that, I get to advocate for what I believe in. Tomorrow, I will fly to DC for a second meeting with a group in the Department of Justice, who may adopt an idea I have been promoting. (vagueness intentional, for now). Then, I will travel to Richmond to give the Sunday sermon at a very special place, Holy Comforter Episcopal Church on Monument Avenue.

And then, the Spring... here is what is coming up then:

January 15—Trial of Christ, Fourth Presbyterian, Chicago, 12:30 pm.

February 7—Trial of Christ, Episcopal Divinity School/Harvard, 7 PM

February 15-- Mid-Day dialogue with Susan Stabile, on the topic of "Faith and Works" (I am for them; Susan is against them)

February 24—Death Penalty presentation, Belmont University, Nashville [Feat. Todd Lake, pictured above]

February 25—resentation to Tennesseans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty conference, Nashville

February 26—presentation at St. Henry’s Catholic Church, Nashville

February 27—Trial of Christ, Carson-Newman College, Jeffersonville, TN

March 18—Trial of Christ, St. Henry’s Catholic Church, Nashville

April 5 (Maundy Thursday)—Trial of Christ, Crossings Community Church, Oklahoma City, OK

Tell us more about writing!

I hate writing because some teachers in high school and college beat my love of it out of me. I want to love it again. I can't grow my business or move forward in other areas until I get over my education-inflicted PTSD.

Now, I mostly spew gibberish on a page and wait for somebody to hit me in the face.
And don't forget: February 15 Mid-Day Dialogue on Faith: Faith and Works at UST
Oooh! I'll put that on the list!
Looks like you've opened the photo archives!
i love that you're not some ivory tower academic and are willing to share your opinions, beliefs and feelings through writing.
the razor is great, of course, but all of your other mainstream publications also help your old texas friends feel more connected to you, in a sense, across so many miles.
oh... and sometimes they lern me thangs, too.
thanks, mark.
Woody-- Thanks! That's huge, coming from an actual professional writer and all. But.. my ambition is to someday be an ivory tower academic. I'm going pipe shopping tomorrow.
PS-- how can you not love a blog that features both a "Woody" and a "Timmy?"
and it's not just "timmy," but Timmy! i like it.
and i must admit, you had me worried that you might be going ivory tower on us when you started shopping for a sophisticated man-bag.
my fears have since been quelled.
Gentlemen! I am honored.
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