Tuesday, November 29, 2011


May I recommend...

Megan Willome's Blog, Sabbath Says, is chock-full of good stuff, including non-haiku poetry. Because Megan is a great writer, it is probably not surprising that she has a great blog. I met Megan when she wrote an overly-kind (but wonderful) profile in the Wacoan Magazine a few years ago-- a profile which also resulted in the worst modeling performance ever (cue banjo music):


The photographer, Joe Griffin, as a Lariat staffer, captured (with advance notice) the mystery streaker in a ski mask (my lips are sealed, Bee Wallace) as he exited the rear door of the lobby of Memorial Women's Dormitory on the Baylor campus, back in the day when streaking was all the rage.

And the blogsite looks worthy of my following. Thanks.
Oh, my gosh, Mark. I'm stunned. Hey, the blog is moving, though. I needed more flexibility. If you use http://meganwillome.com, it will still work.

Looking forward to seeing the new Wacoan of the Year cover any day now. You know who, don't you?
P.S. If you do know, DON'T TELL. Secrecy is all we have at the Wacoan, since we can't offer money or eternal fame.
No, I don't know! Hmmmm...
My favorite part of that entire issue is that it told readers exactly where and for how much the tie you were modeling could be purchased.
I love, love, love this video. The music is so great and the camera/production guys show you just how to slouch.
CTL-- Interestingly, I didn't get to keep the tie...
What!? Preposterous! A guy can't work for free, you know!
No, it turns out that was only the SECOND worst modeling session of all time. I was involved in the worst. And i didn't keep the tie, either.
However, Megan did a brilliant job on my story, too.
Let's hire her to be our full-time PR agent.
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