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Haiku Friday: Skiing!

American Analog Set music video from Jason Drakeford on Vimeo.

[Ed. Note: It has been called to my attention that I have posted Haiku Friday on Thursday. This occurred because last night I was under the mistaken understanding that the day which followed Wednesday was, in fact, Friday. It appears that I was mistaken. To prevent such errors in the future, I have found a catchy pop song which covers in detail the progression of the days of the week, and the location of Friday within that progression. You can hear that song here. Please feel free to haiku about that song, or about how confused I am. Political Mayhem Thursday will appear tomorrow. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience.]

Now that it is dipping below freezing, I am obsessed with skiing. I am longing for it. Deep, deep longing.

I realize that it is a very narrow haiku topic, so feel free to do anything related to snow, your fear of winter, the biathlon, whatever.

Here is mine:

It is all rhythm
Music of the body, and
If you're lucky, joy.

Now it is your turn. Just make it 5 syllables/7/5, and if you win, you get your bio here on Monday! Now write!

The brain says, "tips down".
And then the quads say, "what the
hell are you doing?"

No one hits a tree.
Until he does, and then he
is just cartoonish.

Ten year old child, learns,
And tires. "What is happening
to my life?", she says.
if only it were FRIDAY!
A downhill skiier
suddenly afraid of heights
turned to cross country
I fell down so much,
my brother skied backwards while
holding both my hands.

An old friend (not me,
I swear) quizzed skiers: "Why do
you like this so much?"

Water skiing - does
that count? I scream so much I
sound like Lucille Ball.
D'oh! It appears that I messed up again and linked to the wrong song. The actual song which I was referring to can be seen here.
I can't get to sleep
It's the night before Christmas?
Nope! It's skiing time.

Cold nips at my nose
The rush of wind past my ears
I feel so alive.

Me: "Burning daylight!"
Mom: "Stop and 'smell the roses!'"
An age-old debate.

Skiing for the thrills
Or the unbeatable views?
It's best to love both.

I could talk all day
About the joys of skiing
There's nothing better.
Audible stillness
Visible breath, heart racing,
A path, mine alone.

Freshly packed powder
Light as a feather, I weave
Patterns. My soul---full.

Best run of the day
3:55-The last lift
My signature left.
"Tomorrow is Saturday.
And Sunday comes afterward." Wait. Where is Friday?

(sorry. 7-7-5.)
Haikus are awesome
Sometimes they do not make sense
Lets cross country ski
Childhood ski trips, I'm
up with the sun, with yellow
ski boots on in bed.
Skiing, snowy sport
For those snotty elitists.
Snowboard, more like it.
So it's not Friday
At least this topic hasn't
Been done recently!
Bugaboo Spire!
Homecoming visions summon
all to the challenge.

Helicoptered in.
Outside the ropes miscue, and
Mountain rescue shame.

Pride lost in rare air,
the humble pie mantle claimed.
Bandages, plenty.

- Though,
Wine and cheese reward...
Duchess languished on
Chalet chaise and glimpsed schussing.
We quaffed rum potion#9.
On elongate shoes
They conquered ice,this Mogul Race-
My legs broke like twigs.
Face down in the snow,
What were you thinking about,
Downhill disaster.

My pride, it is damaged.
In my ear I hear
The wind exult with me,near
The pines stand,jealous.
Take 2:

In my ear I hear
The Wind exult--near
By Pine stands,and rues roots.
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