Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Black Thursday

The day before Thanksgiving is a special day to me-- it has always been a day of quiet surprises. Someone will reappear, or appear for the first time, or I will learn something new and whole and good. It is the heart of my favorite time of year. As a kid, it seemed like every year there would be a knock at the door on this day, and someone interesting would be on the other side.

Much as a I love the day before Thanksgiving, I have come to loath the day after-- Black Friday. Now retailers have pushed up their opening times until they encroach on the holiday itself, and there is something profoundly sad about that. The worst part of Christmas seems to eat up more and more of what I value; or would if I let it.

The most depressing part of all, but something I watch in the same way I watch a NASCAR wreck, is news interviews of people in line for Black Friday sales, or in the midst of the shopping itself. They always seem to be bleary-eyed and slightly angry, and when asked about the crowds they shrug and say something along the lines of "that's the way it is."

I will not be competing this year.

no competing here either. We will be heading to the pool and gym for a workout. It is a tradition I don't understand and don't care to participate in.
The day after Thanksgiving is a day for massive leaf raking efforts in the final push to get the lawn clear before the county comes to get the leaves.
I don't like shopping under the best of circumstances. I couldn't imagine stepping foot in a store on Black Friday.

I'm also appalled that it is so important for some people to get a jump on their frenzied shopping that the last advertisement I saw was for a store opening at 10:00p.m. on Thursday. (Actually I think I also saw one for 9:00pm.)
NAW has been known to start humming, "Christ was born for this ... Christ was born for this!" when the Black Friday madness begins. I avoid it like the plague.
Susan - "appalling" is a great word to use. I think "thoroughly disgusting" works, too.

The whole purpose of the holiday is overshadowed by ridiculous consumerism. It's supposed to be a day where you reflect on what you have. It's become a day to covet what you don't.

Here's how much I detest Black Friday: I'll be at work in a detention facility full of people who would kill every American over here if given the chance. I'd rather be dealing with that on Black Friday than dealing with the crap that goes on in the States. Seriously.
[explanatory note: Campbell is one of my former Baylor Law students who is serving our country in Afghanistan (something we should be thankful for). I didn't want anyone to think that his reference to a "detention facility full of people who would kill every American if given the chance" refered to either Baylor or St. Thomas.]
Campbell - Happy Thanksgiving!
and thank you for your service.
MADD call this night ... Black Wednesday because this night is the third highest or fourth highest in adult beverages consumed in a evening.

1. New Years Eve
2. St. Pat's
3. Halloween
4. Tonight

Be Safe and thank you Campbell!
Some call this evening Black Wednesday, MADD has coined that phrase for tonight. Some think this is the third or fourth highest night for alcohol consumption.

1. New Year Eve
2. St. Pat's
3. Tonight or Halloween

Be safe and wise.
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