Saturday, December 04, 2010


Obama uses the pardon power! Coin Mutilators Rejoice!

Just, not very much. He granted nine pardons yesterday, but they are old and minor, meaning that their impact is little beyond what the recent turkey pardon accomplished. Here are the recipients:

James Bernard Banks (1972) UT, illegal possession of government property (2 years probation)
James Dixon (1960) GA, liquor violations (2 years probation)
Laurens Dorsey (1998) NY, false statements (5 years probation, restitution)
Ronald Lee Foster (1963) NC, coin mutilation (1 year probation. fine)
Timothy James Gallagher (1982) AZ, cocaine (3 years probation)
Roxanne Kay Hettinger (1986) IA, cocaine (30 days, 3 years probation)
Edgar Leopold Kranz, Jr. (1994) military (24 months)
Floretta Leavy (1984) IL, cocaine/marijuana (1 year and 1 day)
Scoey Lathaniel Morris (1999) TX, counterfeiting (3 years probation, fine)

How can I get in on this action? I need a pardon for Dancing with my shopping cart like a dork to "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree" while shopping for black beans in Fred Meyer tonight.
Coin mutilation (1963). What was he doing, melting them down for ammo?
Maybe pardons so minor are the teeny tiny drops from the tip of the iceberg? I hope so.
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