Friday, December 03, 2010


Haiku Friday: Favorite Cars

So, really, I bought the Acura. It fit me the best. The Lexus was too lux, and Subaru was too slow. My former car, the Mazda, was fun and peppy and I need some of that in my life behind the wheel. The Acura was the best balance of fun & not crashing and dying in a fiery wreck at the foot of a giant snowdrift.

Check out how much my new car looks like the old one-- just slightly larger (it is the Acura in the top photo):

I love the Acura already. It has an amazing stereo system-- in fact, on Wednesday night I just sat and listened to cd's in the garage for a while. That's a good sign, huh?

I've had a lot of amazing cars, and this may be my favorite. Let's haiku about cars from our past, shall we? If you have more than one favorite... write more than one haiku! Just make the first line five syllables, the second line seven syllables, and the last line five. Feel free to include the name of your favorite car.

Here is mine:

My dear old Del Sol
Had pep and vigor, but no
Air conditioning!

Now it is your turn...

My Olds Alero
Ran like a top, ev'ry day
Until it didn't.
My current car
Volvo 740 wagon

It feels huge; I just
Need some kids or a hound dog
To fill up the back

But it runs great! Its
Name is Dave-Bob Muhammad
(Named by Facebook friends).
Honda Accord, built
In 1996. "Sam."
A car well loved.
My Olds RRL
We called it "Old Smokey."
Eight track tapes blasting.
Sixty-Eight Plymouth
Satellite Station Wagon
Held 10 kegs in back

Known as "Green Monster,"
"Christine" and "The Deathmobile"
No A/C, burned oil

Under Sixty-Five
MPH, lots of rattles
Seventy - Smooth ride

I-64, once
West of Richmond, 3 AM
120 MPH+!!!!

The Monster lives on
Roger on the hood with keg
Photo on Razor
VW Hippie Van
Have so many memories
Hoping to make more

She's taken us far
Taught us many repair skills
Never trade her in

Yes she is a girl
Strong, reliable... the best!
An adventure... FUN!
My Mazadaspeed three,
Turbo and six speeds forward,
Makes me happier.
Driving the lime green
Vega into giant snow drift,
Stopped dead in tracks.
Stinky the Tercel
Many happy memories
Not even my car!
Some call it a bug
It was my party machine
With shag carpeting
I've never had the
car I wanted, changes with
my needs. Borrrrrring.

Have a minivan
now. Pushbutton doors, Butt warmers
"I Heart My LIBRARY" Sticker.

But My library
does not heart me. Still, Van is
better than Bill's Car.

Bill drives The Beast.
Y2K Expedition.
Only 30K miles.

Its like driving a
Two Story Building wearing
a blindfold. BLECCH.

Still, Both of these
NerdMobiles are Paid For.
They're How We Roll in the 503.
In the 313
It matters what you drive, Tyd
Born to love machines.
1957 356A Porsche - no fuel pump - vapor locked if you shut it off and tried to restart. Best car ever - sold when offered too much money and in state of financial insolvency. Mourned deeply.

Not haiku - just grief long felt.

College boyfriend's car
The Bronze LeMans, (Pontiac)
Lots of memories there.
My Dear Old Stinky
Six thousand bucks in '85
Only one breakdown

What was the breakdown?
Five adults and struts said: "No!
Stinky carries ONE!

Just one shrimpy girl,
maybe her bike and that's it!"
yelled loyal Stinky.

Simple life back then.
Now girl drives a bullet hole
sticker adorned van.
Ford pickup. No air. No heat.
No radio. But...

we used to leave the
windows down for the Dukes of
Hazard entry. Cool.
Thunder bird, light blue
88 Model. No air.
My first car. Still mourn.
First car, Mazda
RX7, Silver, awesome.
Rotary Engine.

Favorite car, hmm
350Z, Chrome.
Nismo parts. Fast? Yeah.
Cars matter in the 313. i know this, I am FROM THERE TOO. I used to work for CAR GUYS. I had my own subscription to AUTOWEEK.
I totally agree.

But, if you married a guy with 13 amplifiers and an exotic tonewoods fetish, you would drive what I drive too. I need Stow and Go Seats, leather McNuggetProof upholstery, and room for the guitars, the wood, the parts and Marshall stacks.
Did The Medeivalist buy Osler's Mazda from him?
No, I think he got his Speed3 first. A perfect car for TX.
Mine's candy apple red, but I was inspired by Osler to get a Speed3 after I drove his. Great car for Texas w/ a fine stereo system as well.
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