Monday, November 01, 2010


A worthwhile shepherd blog

I'm pretty impressed with this new blog out of Texas, The Good Shepherd, which seems to be filling out the "Shepherd Leadership" idea with some facts. Here are two:

1) Sheep aren't dumb, and
2) Shepherds are more fierce outdoorsmen than cuddly friends.

Check it out...

I had never heard this song so I looked up the lyrics. Beautiful.
My father-in-law and his family raised sheep (many thousands at one time!) for three generations in Texas. His comments were less than flattering -one of the most printable ones being that "Sheep are born looking for a place to die!"

He much preferred goats - said they at least had enough brains not to commit suicide by running off cliffs, etc.

Cattle have more brains than sheep, also. (From many years of experience with them, as well.)

Of course shepherds are brave and stay with and protect sheep - Cattle have enough sense to protect themselves from most predators. Sheep just stare and die.

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