Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We have a winner!

I'd like to thank everyone for their help and suggestions yesterday as I sought out a new car. I ended up choosing something else entirely-- a slightly-used Trabant 1.1. I think it is going to be a great car for me!

Here are some others I considered in the end:

1) The Oldsmobile RRL

Constantly spewing a thick cloud of smoke, the RRL was fun, but kept pulling to the right. Torque steer, I guess.

2) The Saturn Frustrator STX Coupe

Ugh- a terrible car. You know that little dinging noise that comes on in other cars when forget to put on your seatbelt? Well, this little Saturn emits that noise when you DO have your seatbelt on. (according to the owner's manual, it is a "seatbelt ok reaffirming tone.")

3) The Jeep Barbie Edition with Fun Top

I just borrowed IPLawGuy's and drove it for a while. This thing is just creepy. For one thing, Barbie stays in the vehicle at all times, and does stuff like grab your leg when you are driving, which is followed by cascades of giggles from her and Malibu Stacy. Yick.

I'm sure you have already checked, but are you sure that they manufacture snow tires in the appropriate size for the 1.1? You don't want to end up with the same problem all over again.
COME ON! Which one are you getting??hahahah
You really shoulda gone with the Pontiac Grandma Mobile. I've been driving one for seven years now, and I gotta tell you, it's pretty awesome.
Pope, where can I get one (or two!)?
Words elude me when I try to say how proud I am to know a person capable of such a brilliant choice, Prof!

Here I’ll share some of my knowledge about your new, most original ride:

When does a Trabant reach its maximum speed?
When towed.
What’s written on page 19 of Trabant’s Owner Manual?
The bus schedule.
Why do guys love Tabants when it rains?
Because they mold tight to the skin.
There’s a new Trabant model, it’s got a 4th pedal (clutch, accelerator, brake): the air bag pump.
How do you double a Trabant’s value?
You fill it up.
What does the grateful American client say when he gets his Trabant delivered?
Oh, look at these Germans…such perfectionists…they sent me ahead a cardboard model!

Enjoy your awesome ride!

Yeah, I made a mistake when I bought that thing. I thought that Barbie was the one with the fun top, not the jeep.

And, it turns out, she's not anatomically correct anyway.
You missed out on the true bargain - a used Yugo! No cardboard there - only recycled plastic. Truly an environment-friendly choice. The Yugo does tie the Trabant in one enviro catagory - they both save our scarce gas resources because they never run at all.

If you're already going Eastern Bloc, I've got a 1990 Yugo I'll sell you cheap. Heck, I'll give it to you if you pay shipping. THIS IS NOT A JOKE...I really have a Yugo I need to get rid of!
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