Saturday, November 27, 2010


A Video and Note from Tydwbleach

A few days ago, I received the following note from Tydwbleach, which I found both touching and intriguing... and perhaps a little confusing. But not too much.


This email is probably going to freak you out

But I am especially thankful for my great friend GINGER on this Thanksgiving Day. We are very very close and talk like 2 - sometimes 3 times a day. I met her on The razor and I know you think I might be some kind of weird internet freak or whatever and how can we be such close friends but we ARE and I love her SO SO much She is the most loyal incredible friend anyone could ever ask for and I can only hope that I am as great a friend to her. We are SUCH good friends and Bill is ever freinds with her as well. I never would have ever met had maybe my house not exploded or had I not been looking for your brother which I never found, to this day, by the way but I hope he is happy in his life. I could not really be much happier in mine, despite alllll the crap. I may be starting a new blog soon, and it is an advice column by a rodent named Colonel McTibbles how is sort of an ex-military Renaissance man. . It would be called "ASK COLONEL McTIBBLES" Insane idea whose time has come. Who knows. Have not done it yet. Just another stupid one for fun I plan to not have my name attached to it at all if I can avoid it, because the last blog I had BOOGIE ATE DONUT I had to be deposed about during our house case You have not lived until you have sat in a room with like 8 lawyers in suits around a conference table saying things Like:

Lawyer 1: "Now, What is it called? Boogie Ate the Donut?"
Lawyer 2: "No, It's just Boogie Ate Donut.. There is no THE...."
Lawyer 5: "And How are we spelling Donut? With a "ugh?"
Lawyer 3: "No I think she said its .... No its just Donut...."
Court Reporter: "Can you confirm the spelling of DONUT for us please?"
OMG OMGOMGOMGOMG I wanted to jump out of the window and we were on the 33d floor. Had they opened I would have still done it.

ANYWAY I just wanted to tell you all that stuff and just because Iam from the internet ( and Grosse Pointe) and really stranger to you mostly, it does not mean that great friendships cannot develop . I have this friend because of you. So on this Thanksgiving, I am also thankful for you. And Colonel McTibbles. AND Medical Marijuana... Tydwbleach

She is one of a kind. Allow me to add my own thank you for introducing me to Tyd and so many wonderful people here at the Razor!

Best line: "just because I am from the internet (and Grosse Pointe)". LOL

But, Tyd raises a point that I have often wondered about. Truth be told, I do not think we would have started talking and bonded like we did except for the explosion and my being laid off from my first job as an attorney (around the same time.) Which is to say, I believe I owe this great friendship (in part) to perhaps two of the worst experiences that could have happened in both our lives. Does God use horrible things to bring us great things? I believe so. I am so sorry for what happened to Tyd and her family, but so grateful for the friendship that emerged.

There is also a funny story behind that deposition that Tyd may tell y'all some day, suffice it to say, if you ask an Osler student an ethics question, you will be counseled to be
most ethical. Whether it's embarrassing or not.

I too am grateful to medical marijuana, for those who need it. :D
NO ONE would have EVER been able to associate my REAL NAME with that blog - NO ONE in that room or in that world, CERTAINLY. Yet on the advice of counsel when they asked me if I had kept a diary I had to tell them about it.. SUPPOSEDLY. To be ETHICAL. If I had to do it over again? No way. I would have never told them.
I have been called "too ethical" more than once. I was not really trained for civil practice, but for prosecution. In my own defense, I only advised that she make her own counsel aware of it. (It was a contemperaneous record of the aftermath of the tort). I am so proud of her for doing the right thing. :)
You wanna hear the saddest thing? I tried to start a NEW BLOG and I cannot even remember how. OMG.

So here you go:

Just ASK.
Am I ever going to show up in my own video again?
Oh, yeah!
Hectar is just my pseudonym Tyd. I feel compelled to reveal my true identity - mostly to amuse myself and share a laugh with my friend Prof Osler. For the man you see with the green and white jumpsuit and bulging temporal lobules is none other than the Sleepy Walleye - also a Grosse Pointer and thus able to understand Tyd's unique dialect. I've been wondering how my superpower would work into the IPLawguy storyline. The ability to remove live bait from fishing hooks without being injured has not proven to be very useful so far.
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