Monday, November 01, 2010


Too many Twinkies?

While looking for something else, I stumbled on this report, which appears to have me testifying before the Congressional Black Caucus along with AG Eric Holder, Justice Breyer, and Cong. Bobby Scott.

Uh... I don't remember that. Seriously-- the quote sounds like what I would say, but I think I would remember testifying with Breyer and Holder! While I did testify in Congress that month, it was on a separate issue, before the House Judiciary Committee. So, how did I get into the reports of the event if I wasn't there?

This creates some intriguing possibilities:

1) I was there, but don't remember. Too many Twinkies.
2) I have a doppelganger who isn't really evil, but just goes around saying stuff I would probably say.
3) It actually was lookalike former student Erick Sandlin (pictured here), though I think Sandlin would say smarter things than I did.

When a RRL guest column about Baylor's victory over the Horns running on this space? Heck, when's any mention of it running?
When is a*
Anon 4:52--

Good idea! RRL, will you do it? Please?
4) It was an identity thief. I suspect this guy.
He's a recidivist!
Perhaps since your departure Baylor has hired a replacement Mark Osler to carry on your sentencing work. I know its sounds far fetched, but people were/are so distraught over losing you that we shouldn't put it past them. Desperate times call for desperate measures, as they say.
That's bizarre, that story. I think Matt Kelley needed something for his blog, and was smoking some weed at the same time.

All those sources just blurred together and boom, you were on a panel with AG Holder.
And that photo just messes with my mind! Bbbrrrrr . . .
I'm in. Will write tomorrow. Need non-Baylor email address from Osler to send draft.
RRL- it is
@CTL: Yes, it has been done. But the replacement keeps trying to escape. We are going to try art therapy next, or procuring the original model for further gene sampling. Something about this generation of replicate drives them to try to escape and testify before Congress. Hmm. More tests.
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