Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Razor Football Report

Here's the deal: Most of my life, I've been cursed with being a fan of mediocre football teams. I'm from Detroit, which mean I'm saddled with the Lions (who are currently being described as "resurgent"- with a 2-6 record), and as a ten-year season-ticket holder at Baylor I often hoped in vain for even a moral victory.

Times have a-changed. Check out my alma maters/employers:

William and Mary is ranked #1 in the nation in I-AA.
Yale is tied with Harvard for 2d in the Ivy League.
Baylor is 7-3 for the year, and headed to its first bowl game since (I think) 1912.
St. Thomas is ranked #4 in Division III, won the league championship, and enters the playoffs undefeated at 10-0.

Go Tribe/Bulldogs/Bears/Tommies! And maybe try this play in the post-season...

that was funny!
Baylor played in the Liberty Bowl in 1986. Hopefully, the team will get a more prominent one this year.
That's excellent!
Alright, Baylor playe in the Alamo Bowl in 1994. I was there. Don't make the last 20 years of my life worse than it actually was. I lived it. It was bad enough.
i have no problem with touting the others, but is this-- Yale is tied with Harvard for 2d in the Ivy League. -- really something to be proud of??

go badgers.
Woody... hey... TEN YEARS (and counting) as a Baylor fan makes you savor the little things...
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