Monday, November 29, 2010


Minnesota Monday: Advent in Edina

This weekend was the start of Advent, and it was fascinating to be someplace so different for what is one of my favorite times of the year.

I'm well aware that the actual events leading up to the birth of Christ took place in a climate much like Waco's, and I often reminded myself of that as the holidays approached and the weather stayed warm. Still, because I am a northerner, it seems right to have snow about now, and all that comes with it. I certainly have found that!

On Saturday, I wandered up to downtown Edina, a nice walk from home. Among the going-ons in town, there were, to pick out just two things, real reindeer:

and some incredible carolers who popped into the coffee shop where I had stopped:

Are there reindeer just running around loose?
Coffee, good friends and singing...
what could be better?
Makes you realize you are definitely closer to the North Pole, with reindeer around. Seriously, it looks like a beautiful place.
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