Saturday, November 20, 2010


IPLawGuy 28: Enter Lane

Just to recap our story to date:

First, we met IPLawGuy, a Super-Lawyer with a pod in space and an annoying water leak. We quickly find that IPLawGuy enjoys giving me a hard time about stuff, and has captured his arch-nemesis, Pickles the Cat. Unfortunately, IPLG angers Paul Larson (the Spanish Medievalist) who does not like his uniform, and the Medievalist lets Pickles escape.

Taking the subway home, the Medievalist runs into my arch-nemesis, Hair Cut Guy. Meanwhile, Pickles hires the "very odd" Tydwbleach as her sidekick. To get her back, IPLG hires an intern from Baylor, who calculates Pickles' sentencing range.

Confident that the intern has things in hand, IPLG and I go to a bar to watch football, giving Pickles a chance to kidnap the intern. Meanwhile, my arch-nemesis fails in an attempt to cut my hair.

IPLG encounters Pickles on Amtrak, after which she instructs the intern on a secret evil plan. While she plots evil, IPLG shoots down his flat-screen tv.

Meanwhile, Tydwbleach tries to get the intern to pick up her medical marijuana, and Pickles meets with RRL, who achieved world domination from 2005-2008. He suggests building a nuclear bomb, and Pickles instructs the intern to do so. He borrows some uranium from IPLG, then runs into Hair Cut Guy on the train.

The intern delivers the bomb to Pickles, and Tyd reveals the secret plan: Pickles is going to blow up Lane's hometown of Odessa Texas. Which leads us to this:

"It will destroy all of Odessa, and parts of Kermit and Wink..."

How could you tell?
But not parts of Midland? need larger bomb!


ANon- the place would be a lot neater.
Lane, you are a really good sport to "sport" that outfit. That one takes the cake.
I had zero input. In fact, because I'm traveling, my phone won't even show me the video. Still, I'd be insulted if I weren't given a hilariously awful suit. The Prof knows me, and self-deprecation is the only sort of humor I possess.

By the way, I was only born in Odessa. I was raised in Andrews, and I would probably shoot myself if I lived in either place. Midland at least has some redeeming value.
Having now seen my outfit, one word:


My favorite feature of the whole get-up is that you appear to be smoking.
Smoking through a gas mask at that.
I. am. dying. Lane= awesome.

I thought it was smudged lipstick myself. I have to go to the employee break room and laugh for 15 minutes now.
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