Saturday, November 06, 2010


IPLawGuy 26: Pickles Gets Her Bomb!

$300 + $259 = $27. Are you sure Pickles hasn't already started on that "important drinking?"
Tyd - I want to trick or treat at your house!

Anon 10:32:
you are right $300 + $259 does not equal $27 it equals $559
Drip, Drip, Drip....

Bwah ha ha!!!!!!!! (belllllchhhhh!)
The only intelligent person in this whole universe (except maybe IPLawGuy) is the intern. It's just like real life!
"That litter box isn't going to clean itself." ROFL
Ginger told me there is one where tyd gives out medical Marijuana for Halloween!! HASHAHAHAA But i cannot find that one. hahahahahahahah is this is? Maybe I watched the wrong one? I saw the one on You tube hold on a minute
HA !!! THIS IS THE ONE!!! AWESOME!!! I AM IN JAIL but WHO is gonna bust me outta there? Is that what the Nuclear bomb is for?

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Tyd- I will get you out, not with a bomb, but by the mighty powers of due process. And an insanity plea/diplomatic immunity.
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