Friday, November 19, 2010


Haiku Friday: Giving thanks I

Those of you who know me well know that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the time of year, the traditions, the non-commercial nature of it, but mostly I love the bare idea on which it all rests. I love giving thanks for the bounty around me.

This week, let's haiku this way: Either use a first sentence of "For this I'm thankful:" or a last sentence of "For that I'm thankful." Just keep it more or less to five syllables for the first line, seven for the second line, and five for the third line.

Here is mine:

There are calm places,
Still, small moments of true joy;
For that I'm thankful.

Now it is your turn...

For this I'm thankful:
The truths you shared with strangers
This week, Atlanta.
For this I'm thankful:
I have strength to keep going
Until this is done.
Talking of shipwrecks,
Checking the zero meridian,
In Greenwich, England.
I am thankful for
7th grade hilarity.
Learner's support, lunch

"Health," home ec and math
The "hippie," KFC guy
6 minute miles

Goofball boys render
Age of awkwardness funny.
Yes, I am thankful.
Dancing, drinking, smiles
Friends who become your siblings
For this I am thankful
For friends who love me,
Just as I am, and can be,
For that I'm thankful.
A perfect sandwich
In a perfect place, today,
For that I'm thankful.
With every child born,
The world gets another chance
For that I am thankful
Falling leaves, blue sky
Forgiveness and redemption
For this, I am thankful.
Five lil' monkey boys,
Pert' near drive me bonkers; still -
For them I'm grateful.
Friends, health, Good health of
loved ones, Lawsuit thing is DONE:
For that I am thankful.
For this I am thankful:
Medical marijuana,
Oven mitts, Hector.

I heart Thywbleach (and tydwbleach)
Razor old friends and the new,
For that I'm thankful!
No matter how hard
Seeing hope for what is next
For that,I am thankful.
A juicy, plump mouse
Hopefully, slow, unaware
For this, I am thankful.
That Ginger Hunter
Never met her/wit and grace
For her I'm thankful.
Two Crises at home
Lots of friends to back me up
For this I'm thankful
Aww, Anonymous 8:18! :)
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