Friday, November 05, 2010


Haiku Friday: The best burger

I owe Jessica a softball topic, and I'm thinking about great hamburgers. Last night, I went to Burger Jones here in the Cities, and it was excellent.

The burger was a great piece of meat, and the fries were wonderful as well. The combo meal included either a beer or a chocolate shake-- that was quite a dilemma.

Today, let's haiku about the best burger you ever had (or the worst). It can be grilled at home, of course, or fresh from a take-out window.

Here is mine:

Texas Saturday,
I got them just right, perfect,
I think I ate three.

Now it is your turn. If you want, mess with the form a little bit; I did!

Did you see that test-
Let a McDonald's burger
Sit for a year?
Tagament burgers
My own invention; problem
And cure combined!
Best cover band yet
Osler Turner Overdrive
Oh, Convention Grill!
Smokey chedder, homemade coke,
Worth the walk through snow.
Softball topic?! This
Is serious business, bud.
That said: Double R
I ate the macho.
Real cheddar drips off fresh beef
At Chris Madrid's place.
Worst burger ever?
Anything from Hardees! Ick!
Made of wallboard paste.
Juicy Lucy by
Woody. Right before Willie
Nelson show. So good.

Best in Waco? Got
to be Dubl-R. Meaty
tasty explosion.

Best in Dallas? The
Angry Dog. Man I would kill
for Angry Dog now.

Is the Angry Dog that place we went... the one where Robert ended up playing bongos?
Osler - I believe we did go there to eat that night, but it is not the spot where Robert played the bongos, that was on lower Greenville, if I remember correctly. And the place where the ladies got up on the bar to dance was in Deep Ellum. Man, what a trip.
Yeah... and then it was on to Atlanta. That wasn't even the competition trip!

Obviously, I was not the social director on that one.
Both Aggie/Longhorn
know, the very best place to go
Burger Tex, baby.
July 2005.

McDonald's, my last
Burger before ten months in
India, last stop

Before Dulles and
A year of rice, dal, chicken.
Knew I was American then.
I will nominate
What some call sacrilegious
But so delicious

Smothered with onion
Drenched with chili and mustard
Side of golden fries

Detroit's very own
Coney Island Loose Burger
After-taste lasts weeks
The coney burger!
Messy, gloppy, beautiful
Hot food, cold places...
Serrano peppers
One slice Vermont cheddar cheese
Ground Chuck then Heaven
Have yet to eat my
Best Burger Ever. Worst? From
Burger King, I think.
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