Friday, November 26, 2010


Haiku Black Friday

The turkey has been eaten, prayers of gratitude said, laughter and song... now it is time for the fetid onslaught of materialism.

Today is the incredible "Black Friday," with retailers opening their doors at 4 A.M. for people eager to buy, uh... stuff. I'm not really sure what it is that you buy on Black Friday, really.

But, let's imagine that you could buy anything, if you get in line at 4 A.M. There is no "world peace exception" here: If you get up early and pay $299, you can get anything. What would it be?

Your first line should be "What is it I want?" The second line should be 6-8 syllables, and the last line shorter than the second (in terms of total syllables). It doesn't have to be philanthropic-- feel free to be a little selfish. Just be honest. Here is mine:

What is it I want?
Virus of imagination
Then I infect the world.

Now it is your turn...

I will not shop on
Black Friday because I have
A brain and use it.
I can not haiku
about Black Friday Shopping;
I don't need anything

A different question - who cooked that beautiful bird? I don't dislike turkey, I just don't feel the need to eat it on Thanksgiving.
Just did Black Friday
Got a 3000 inch TV
Black Friday
Slept right through it
$299 well rested
In my matress
What is it I want?
It's worth any price at all:
a day with my dad.
What I want?
It cannot be bought on Black Friday.
But, I would pay anything.
Anon. 3:11, what is it??? Are you Pickles the Cat, and you want world domination? Or some girl? Or a newt?
$299 won't buy
a nice appellate judgeship
maybe some fliers
I would buy good health
for myself and everyone
that I love dearly.

I would buy justice.
Or a turn back time machine
Free mulligan pass.
I would find Ginger
a really great mate. Then make
her move to Portland.
Aww Tyd! Portland, sure.
But... ya get what ya pay for,
mate =$299?


And Anon 3:11, do tell. You never know at least we can hope.
ANd I want this woman to sing at my birthday:

She pretty much sums up my Thanksgiving.
Sorry, you can't buy hope for $299.
Anon 3:12
3:11-- Hope for what?
What is it I want?
What Ginger said . . .
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