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For years now, I have had a pretty good system for picking college football games (I don't actually bet, but just play the game on yahoo). In short, against the line (not the outcome) I always pick the smaller school, under the assumption that the larger number of alums will skew the line in favor of the larger school.

The problem: I have been really wrong in my assumptions about which schools are largest. For example, here are the three largest schools:

1) AZ State
2) Univ. of Central Florida
3) Ohio State

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Despite being located in Orlando, UCF is not large by the standards of UF, FSU and USF.

According to the Minneapolis paper, it has 56,000 students!!!
M.O. ~
Mostly commuters. The 'residential' campus is fairly small. They operate 10 regional campuses attempting to keep people off of I-4 and the never ending traffic in the 'Land of Mouse'
Take the Badgers and the over.
Last weekend.
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