Tuesday, October 05, 2010


This week at St. Thomas

I'm already amazed at the level of intellectual activity I am finding here at St. Thomas. Many people here are linked into the national debate on important issues, and that's exciting. Here is a snapshot of what is going on this week:

1) On Wednesday, we will have the final round of our moot court tournament, which has been completely student-run and drama-free. The finals will be presided over by two local judges and the Dean of St. Thomas Law.

2) On Thursday, there will be an amazing forum on the Constitutional powers of the President which will include Akhil Amar from Yale, John Yoo from Berkeley, Michael Paulsen and Robert Delahunty from St. Thomas, and others.

3) Finally, on Friday we will have a symposium on sentencing, with federal judges Ralph Erickson, Patrick Schiltz, and myself.

That's a busy (and interesting) week!

Are you sure this isn't the Osler School of law? Are you allowing visitors for the week?
I wish we could have forums like that. Have heavyweights debate on tough issues in front of us...oh well.
I wish Baylor would have a competition that didn't devolve into barbaric bloodshed and cannibalism. But then again, that Lord of the Flies experience shaped me in to the soulless monster I am today.
I like barbaric bloodshed and cannibalism. Just ask my mock trial kids.
The best debate I ever saw at the law school involved myself and 4 or 5 other people debating whether or not the narwhal is a real animal (note: it's not). That's not to denigrate the quality of the debates at Baylor, it was just a really epic debate.
Yet another key difference emerges between Lane and RRL:

RRL is an unabashed fan of barbaric bloodshed and cannibalism.

Lane is only a reluctant supporter of barbaric bloodshed and cannibalism, but has to acknowledge its good points.
I like barbaric bloodshed and cannibalism so much I married another Baylor lawyer. I fear nothing now.
Life would be more fun if trial by combat were still an option.
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