Saturday, October 09, 2010


Superheroes and the sentencing guidelines

Video Removed-- but you can see it here.

"60 dash 77 months"
Are the guidelines like a twisted game of Dungeons and Dragons? Are 20-sided dice and miniatures involved?
I am absolutely hooked on these videos. AAAAND I watched The Warriors last night. Mash-up?
Micah, the sentencing guidelines are like AD&D rules without any "house rules" modification. Although there are no miniatures or dice involved, every sentencing usually ends with the judge (DM) saying, "hold on, let me consult my Dungeon Master's Guide."
I'm leaving comments.
Comments-o-doom and that stuff,
they are some hiakus.
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Anonymous, that's it.
I'm commenting again.
No sentencing guidelines for regular trademark infringement. (although, there ARE statutory!)

But criminal counterfeiting can get you sent to the slammer and paying big fines.
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