Monday, October 04, 2010


The Spanish Medievalist Gets a Special Lawyer Suit!

[video removed-- but you can see it here]

Don't knock the groin protection!
Hey, how did you know my hard cup from my hockey days was red? Worked really good.
I think the Spanish Medievalist is sexy in his voice and attitude.
I have a little quandary.
People have told me that the blog is downloading slowly. Has this been true for you? (I'm not noticing it on my Apple).

If so, I suspect that these videos might be the culprit. What if I took them off? Are they fun, or just annoying bandwidth hogs?
OMg each one of these is better than the next!!!! THis was the funniest one YET!~!!!!!! I am DYING laughing
yes it is d/ling a little bit slowly for me too But honestly? Now that I know the reason I do not care These videos are TOO HILARIOUS to ever delete Esp the ones about Razorites They HAVE TO stay up!!!!!
They work fine on "real" computers.
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