Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Pickles gets advice from RRL

After watching this video, I think the question on everybody's minds is, why does RRL have a bird house on his head?
That looks more like an outhouse than a birdhouse.
I'm pretty sure it's an outhouse, mostly because it would go well with his toilet-paper suit.
Exposition. The key to any good story.
That is clearly an imposter. There's NO WAY RRL would be drinking red wine. And there were no cigarettes on hand.

The red wine is left from when you were sitting there.

As for the cigarettes... I will give RRL credit for respecting two rules about smoking: (1) don't smoke on Amtrak; and (2) don't light up near a big pile of abandoned dynamite.
nonsense. Its hard enough to believe that I'd leave an attractive woman behind, but I'd never leave a full glass of wine
I respect no rules when it comes to smoking. I am a man that is apparently cavalier about the use of nuclear weapons for goodness sakes.

And why did my reign end in 2008? What happened to RRL's world domination? Why only three years? And why do I have that awesome British accent, which I now wish I actually had?
In 2008 you, like all the bourgeoisie dogs, were deposed by the glorious anti-Pickles workers' revolution. But don't worry. Former imperialist oppressors are welcome in the Party's rehabilitated regime. How do you feel about oppressing political dissidents via forced labor and exposure to Justin Beiber?
RRL, I'm guessing you were defeated by Obama, right? Also, there are those who seem to consider smoking to be worse than the willy-nilly use of nuclear weapons, as you know.
When Pickles stands up her legs go through the table, seemingly indicating she is some sort hologram, or specter (e.g. Arlen). What should we make of this?
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I think she is a hologram, because she is simultaneously at the lair giving instructions.
I think she stands up like that to assert her power. And to show off her tail
Lane - forced labor, OK. But I'm fairly sure that the Geneva Conventions forbid outright torture, so Beiber exposure is out!

What does the Glorious Workers' Republic care for the proclamations of the Swiss? Really, if you can't choose a side, then you have no room to complain about our advanced interrogation/reeducation methods.
OK, I looked at this again. Her tail is totally missing.

And why would RRL refer to his hangout (most likely Scruffy's) as his secret lair? There's nothing secret or lair-like about it.

They're both imposters!
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