Monday, October 04, 2010


IPLawGuy wants to design your Special Lawyer Suit!

[Video removed - but you can see it here]

Please, please, please... can Pickles the Cat appear in a special lawyer suit? Or Tydwithbleach.
My choices (in order of preference):

1) Argbf
2) RRL
3) Brian Serr
4) Pickles the Cat
5) John Brennan
6) Lane
Is it just me, or is the IPLAWGUY character becoming a little bit cooler every time he appears?
What if you are not a lawyer. Can you still have a suit?
No broccoli on the logo; how about a panda?
Um, well I thought I had already placed my order for a rutabega suit, but I did not provide a retainer...

I am most interested in a suit. But not one that covers my hair, please!

I don't think you have to be a lawyer. I'll ask IPLawGuy when he gets back.
I would love to see Tyd and Serr suited up as well. :)

And as a wannabe IPlawyer, I'd like to bring the following to y'alls' attention:
BTW, I have phone records right here on my desk indicating that I received long distance phone calls from you on numerous occasions.

When wasn't I cool?
Well, IPLG, of course I call YOU. Otherwise, I end up getting sued all the time by razor companies and so on. Plus, you know a lot about sports.

Anon. didn't say you were uncool at some point-- just that you keep getting more cool. That seems true. I like the pointing thing at the end here.
Oh, and later this evening I will be introducing your arch-nemesis, Pickles the Cat.
I have no problem with Pickles. I believe you're the one with cat issues. Or maybe that was Einstein or one of the Pandas. Or all of them.

Heck, my screen saver at work is a photo of a now deceased pet cat.

Infringement-Man is the one I fear.
And although I don't fear them, I don't have much use for Cowboys or Yankees fans. Or Duke fans.
As you will see, Pickles is a huge trade name infringer. In fact, she goes by "Vlasic the Pickles Cat."
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