Friday, October 29, 2010


Haiku Friday: TV Party Tonight

Today we will haiku about my favorite music video ever (or, you can in the alternative haiku about some other, inferior, music video):

Here is mine:

Some generic beer
Old-school TV knob turning:
That is Brooks College?

Now, you go. Make it good, or Henry Rollins will beat you up... or make you drink generic beer.

That one with the band
With the big hair and lobsters-
The B-52's.
Henry Rollins is
a god but he does not drink
any alcohol.
They like "Hill Street Blues?"
How old is this video?
Osler's college years...
My generation
should value its heritage.
Brooks has changed a bit.

(No more knob turning)
A renaissance fair
Jesters and maypoles are there
Take a chance: Safety Dance!
Dire Straits and Talking Heads
Misspent youth? No way!
A cool video,
Possum Kingdom, the Toadies:
Nice, unexpected.
Osler and Black Flag?
This changes everything.
Osler got cooler.
No halloween 'ku?
It's ok to celebrate;
You're not at Baylor
Halloween, Baylor
There will be only choice:

The Aqua Buddha.
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