Friday, October 15, 2010


Haiku Friday: Best superheroes ever

Since turning IPLawGuy into a superhero, I'm starting to realize the significance of some of the challenges one faces when coming up with such stories. Success varies... I suppose that is why everyone knows about Superman, but most of us can't quite remember what it is the Green Lantern does, or anything about Aquaman other than he lived underwater.

Let's haiku about superheroes today. Here is mine:

Huh? What's a "Green Lantern"
It sounds like a guy who could
Just illuminate.

Now it is your turn. five syllables for the first line, seven for the second, and five for the last...

Sprained my wrist jumping
Off the roof in a red cape.
Thank you Superman.
Best superhero?
Lacedarius Dunn's lawyer.
"Accidental," huh?
It's Wonderwoman
She fought for social justice
Still, hotter than hot.
Who was that one guy
Who could really stretchy?
He creeped me out.
Loading your website
freezes up my computer
long for the old days
Keith Richards. He is
apparently immortal,
and power of cool.
On Swift Wind she rides,
She-Ra: Princess of Power.
I had all her toys!

I am working on it. I think what I need to do is move more of the videos over to YouTube. I did some of that last night.
Whether Yvonne Craig
Or Alicia Silverstone,
Batgirl rocked my world!
A superhero
Would not even be able
To save me from this.
Robin, boy wonder
Is it super creepy to
Think he's kind of cute?
Stranglers said it best
No More Heroes Anymore
Not into worship
I.P. and Pickles,
Sitting in a tree, K-I-
Anon. 2:34--

Superhero? Ha!
You just need to stop drinking
[no chance that you will]
Like the blue alpha,
the only successful
candian one.
I'm Wonder Woman
Amazing Superpowers
We all possess them.
The Flash went through walls,
But you never saw him with girls,
Sometimes slow is best.
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