Sunday, October 10, 2010


An eventful evening

Meanwhile, back at IPLawGuy's pod in space...

OK, letting himself get caught by Pickles is bad enough, but allowing her to play Europop is even worse. The pod is space is for ROCK & ROLLL!!!
Well, once I had been captured there was not much I could do about the music... Like I always say, leaving the intern in charge of the space pod is risky business.
Didn't I leave you the dangly cat toy? I TOLD you that would work. And the can-opener and tin o' tuna.
I was so dizzy from attempting to watch the football game on the flying, anti-gravity flat screen that Pickles was able to catch me off guard. At that point, the weapons you had left were of no use.
Oh- so that thing is technically a "dangly cat toy."
Pickles does this very sexy hand movement on her hip at the start. How did you get her to do that?
The really interesting part of the Space Pod is way we get from it to the subway.
Maybe CTL's dangly cat toy wasn't big enough.
Very few animated series mention Hannah Arendt.
For the sake of accuracy, it's worth noting that the dangly cat to belongs to IPLawguy. If size is an issue, you can take it up with him.

-Anon (not CTL)
Why does Pickles the Cat hate IPLawGuy? And what is on her shirt?
Well, one thing I can assure you is that Pickles always seemed amused by the size of my dangly cat toy! Not sure WHY she hates me, other than the fact that she is an infringer! Not just an infringer, but a WILLFUL infringer! Doing it WITH Knowledge! In fact, she's actually a counterfeiter. That may look like a designer costume she's wearing, but its a cheap knockoff, one she got down on Canal Street...
BTW, I have a secret weapon to subdue Pickles. I got an Orgone Accumulator:
Who says Pickles hates IPLG?

Does Catwoman hate Batman?
In my captivity, I have have had time to reflect on the relationship between Pickles and IPLG. As Ginger astutely points out, it is not so much "hate" that binds them together, but rather a sort of mutual dependence. Without Pickles and her ®/© infringements,IPLG would have no purpose. Without IPLG and his zeal for intellectual property, Pickles would be irrelevant.

The following clip, (where Heath ledger plays the role of Pickles the Cat and Christian Bale portrays IPLG, says it best:

An Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object
Oh, and I think it is crossed bamboo, Tim.
DYING THese just get better and better and better
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