Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Where I can walk...

One thing that has been very interesting with my move has been that my new home is much more amenable to walking. In Waco, I could walk to some places I needed to go (Dollar General) some places I didn't want to go (Freddie's Auto Glass, Southern Culture Tattoo), and one place I loved to go (La Fiesta). They were all on strip-malled and treeless Franklin Ave, though, and it wasn't such a nice walk.

Here in Edina, I am in walking distance to 50th and France, which is a very interesting shopping district. There are a bunch of intriguing stores ("Sprongs?"), but best of all are the restaurants I have discovered there, with more to come. There is a great French bistro, Salut. There is a wonderful diner with a great brunch, the Edina Grill, and a cozy little wine bar. There is also an excellent sushi place (pictured above), and a place for sandwiches. For less than a full meal, there is a Caribou Coffee with a nice fireplace and a very local ice cream place (which apparently was named "best ice cream in America" by Gourmet Magazine.

To walk to these places, I go through Arden Park, which is a gorgeous little park through which Minnehaha Creek wends. The path takes me over a little wooden bridge in the woods.

Still, there is no La Fiesta, which I loved....

Sounds like living within walking distance of The Village or The Hill in GP. We were able to walk to Old Hyde Park in S. Tampa
Sure... You can walk to those places NOW..... but in a few months? Get out your Cross Country Skis...
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