Saturday, September 11, 2010


What I should have done for the last lecture...

...looks like someone forgot to take their mood stabilizers...
I live in a VAN Down by the RIVER.. and I need your VOTE!!!
I have no words..... Except to say that the Master s Degree in Communications REALLLLLY paid off.
He does have passion though, you cannot deny that.....
The need for a couple men, a white coat and a stretcher came to mind when I watched this the other day.
And a long visit in a room with padded walls.
Some immediate thoughts:

Hmmmm Obama is a Muslim Socialist vs. This Guy. Hmmmm

"Is that a pledge pin on your uniform?"

"Good enunciation of all the syll a b lles in the word "po li ti cal."

Nelson Rockefeller where have you gone, our nation turns its lonely eyes to... because this guy certainly is not Happy.

And my favourite, Let's get ready to Rumble!!!!!!
The crowd is lucky that this Republican left his guns at home; someone likely would have been shot - twice.
Did anyone else think of Dwight Schrute's salesman of the year speech in the Office when you saw this?

On another note...please tell me he got the nomination that night...
I'm gonna go ahead and call the party to make sure this guy has a primetime speaking role at the convention. Though for the big stage, I'm gonna make sure he has 12 red bulls with no bathroom breaks before he goes on.
And in related news, Mel Gibson has found work as a political speech-writer...
I didn't know Howard Dean was a Republican!
I like that he had to return to the podium to verify his name. One thing is for sure - he is the most committed treasurer the Village of Minerva will ever have.
Yes and Minerva, OH has been trying to have him committed for a long time.
Well, his hair kinda looks like a thinning version of yours...
Last Lecture? More like EVERY LECTURE!!!!!
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