Saturday, September 25, 2010


Viva La Razor!

Sometime next month, the Razor will get its 500,000th hit. For reasons I don't understand, the blog is getting more traffic since I moved to Minnesota, not less, and the comments seem as good as ever.

If you look back at the first month of the Razor, four years ago this month, you will see that it hasn't changed that much. Over the past few years, I have made a point of posting every day, and right now average about 1.5 posts a day.

Thanks to all those who read and comment-- it matters to me. I know that part of what I put out there is drivel, but with the rest of it I aspire to something more than just writing practice.

Hmmm... looking back at that first month makes me think that maybe I should do more faculty profiles...

I especially enjoy your drivel. and one thing has changed since the first day: I have a different house.
Maybe wait till you're more comfortably ensconced at St. Thomas before doing any faculty profiles for colleagues.
Actually, I was thinking of doing profiles of Razorites including, ah, uh, Tyd and IPLG.
Oh, well then...
Of course the difference is that unlike your colleagues, we READ the Razor. And might comment back.
Oh GAWD Who wants to read about ME???? You want to know what I do all day? Pick him up. Drop him off. Pick him up. Drop him off. Pick him up. Drop him off. Pick him up. Drop him off.

I am talking about my 6 year old. The Spencinator. In between that he argues with me. In Spanish.
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