Monday, September 20, 2010


Something new and spicy at HuffPo...

Check it out here. (I just noticed that my piece is appearing next to Sinead O'Connor's "open letter to the Pope." Oh, great...).

Please post a comment after the piece!

Prof. Osler,

What a great post. In a way, it perfectly complements the keynote address given by your old Yale Law professor,Stephen L. Carter, at President Starr's inauguration. (begins ~min 50)

Civility and reconciliation in public discourse; how refreshing.
So I feel like I've already read some of there somewhere else...hmmm.
Also, you're in Minnesoooota for like a month and already posting on Huffington!? Liberation? eh..mon ami?
Dallas_ADA, sadly, the Prof has been gracing that turncoat Huff's gossip rag since before his move to Minnesota.

I want him to move to Wonkette, but I don't think he's mean-spirited enough to call Sarah Palin a "snowbilly grifter" or excoriate Maureen Dowd with the written word (something that does not happen nearly often enough to suit my tastes).
I agree with Lane again. One thing the world needs more of is people insulting and ripping apart Maureen Dowd.
Dallas ADA--

It's true. This is actually my fourth post for HuffPo. If you click on my name, you can pull them all up.
From the latest Wonkette article on Dowd:

"Then, of course, there is more blathering about how Obama is wrong, about everything, followed by this exquisite final line:

/And Obama can go to Ben’s Chili Bowl for lunch every day and it won’t matter./

Thank you, Maureen Dowd, for taking whatever prescription pills made that final line seem like a sensible final flourish to your usual clumsily bifurcated chunk of Op-Ed vomit. You have tossed us a word salad of mythic proportions and we, your tiny hobbit-servants, bow our heads in gratitude."

I laughed out loud reading that on my phone over lunch. I may or may not have sprayed bits of salad on the table. Wonkette will sass anyone and anything they get their hands on; it's like the comments section on Above The Law without the restraint ATL commenters normally show.
Pretty sure Jimmy Carter and Jesse Jackson are more well-known than Ken Starr. John Lewis and Billy Graham too. Same goes for John McCain who spent two decades in the pews of North Phoenix Baptist.
Ben's Chili isn't even that good. I prefer Hard Times for Chili here in the DC area.
The Many Subjects of Maureen Dowd's Ignorance (a sampling):

Chili (though in all fairness, what someone is doing eating chili not prepared by a Texan I cannot fathom)
Ah sorry for the confusion...must have been the backlash from the 3 prior posts that caused you to move in the first place!

Though, I'm a bit like Lane in that I will read his posts like he reads Maureen Dowd's and feel much the same way after. Though I can't stop myself from continuing to read them in the first place!
Hey, at least I know my chili.
Dallas ADA--

If you read the posts and the comments, you will see that in the world of the Huffington Post, I am a far right-winger... which means I am, in fact, a moderate.
Lane, whatever you do, DON'T GO TO CINCINNATI!

And if you do, just keep your mouth closed when they start talking about Chili.

Probably a good idea to stay out of New Mexico as well.
Eh, I grew about ten minutes from the New Mexico border. I am aware of their "chili," but I will excuse it for the delicious way they make enchiladas.

I am also aware of the culinary offense against the chili gods that is Skyline Chili. In an attempt at broader cross-cultural understanding, I once attempted to wed a true Texan chili to spaghetti. The result is surprisingly OK, though the texture and taste of the spaghetti noodles are a little bit indistinguishable from a frito pie, so I would rather just stick with the pie. I do not have to boil fritos to get them ready to use.
Osler -

Yes I understand your position along the political spectrum, but it's more fun to make you out to be "lane-esque." I figure if I keep repeating it, people will start to believe it and you'll have to defend your "moderation" with your posts...which in turn will provide us with choice material from both RRL and Lane. I'm just that diabolical.
Nice post. It takes quite a bit of courage to offer a (qualified) defense of Ken Starr on HuffPo, much less a defense of Ken Starr premised on religion actually having positive personal and social value. Keep up this level of chutzpah and soon you'll be telling HuffPo readers that the Iraq surge was effective or that Lady Gaga might not be the most persuasive advocate on military policy.
There can be only one.
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