Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Razorite Interviews: IPLawGuy

For the next few weeks, I plan on posting interviews I have conducted with various Razorites. Up first is ace correspondent IPLawGuy. For those of you who don't know him, he kind of is a superhero of intellectual property (but does not actually live in a pod in space).

[Video removed- but you can see it here]

He doesn't seem quite sure what to do with his hands. It does make me want to consider IP, though.
I have to question the wisdom of his advice to make the superhero suit first and THEN go to law school. I'm not sure how well that would go over, at least at Baylor.
Must get a space pod!
OMG OMG OMG I am DYING laughing right now. Here is the deal though You will be interviewing all the razorites? I am so vetry frightened hahahahahahahahaha
... Then Buy a chrysler brand automobile or a defective Audi.... OMG I am DYING here I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING about this turly LOVE the BROCCOLI SUIT
Osler, during the interview he seems concerned that you are going to kick him in the groin.
MMmmmmmm Broccoli.

Although pork barbecue might have been a better choice
What would a pork barbecue costume look like? And do you really want to be known as "Pork Barbecue Man?"
Oh! I get it!!!!! He is I Pee Law Guy!
Yum! I love broccoli!
Pickles the Cat
I am convinced. IP law is the law for me. But, IPLawGuy, is it okay to make the suit after law school? I can go back, if necessary.

And...can you give me some free legal advice? Is the rutabaga taken?
Hey! Quit stealing my bit!

I don't actually pee slaw, exactly (it just magically appears before me), but my name seemed like an appropriate choice at the time.
where did the move go? I cannot see it!
Ah, the irony.

And, I love that Tyd keeps coming back to watch this movie. LOL
This is the best movie Tyd has ever seen.
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