Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Racial divides

TJ Turner tipped me off the the intriguing maps being produced which show racial segregation in American cities. The map above, for example, shows Chicago's breakdown. Bill Rankin, the creator of this map, comments here.

You can see the segregation of many other cities here.

Here is my own hometown, the highly segregated Detroit area. The blue area nearly perfectly tracks the city limits of the city of Detroit itself; Grosse Pointe is the red notch in the northeast by the lake. The red pocket in the middle of Detroit is the Polish enclave of Hamtramck.

You should compare your maps to the Netflix rental history as shown by the NY Times here:

pretty interesting how the rankings of certain movies compare to your maps
Which color represents the sex offenders?
Those are the little black and white dots
That's what I love about Austin. We can segregate whitey off in Westlake.
I looked at all the maps... I guess "we" are not as color-blind as we would like to think.
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