Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm wondering...

How Jesse Davis's 4 hours of driving Stephen Carter too and from the airport went...

In other news, I'm cleaning out and updating the blogroll. Is there a blog I should be listing? Let me know...

I think I'm about to go on an indefinite blogging hiatus, so you can probably clean mine out for now.
What!?!?! You can't do that, Justin! The plants will die!
My once monthly political whining is a tired old schtick, but I lack a personality, so it's all I have, and will likely continue. I do blog about a subject unrelated to political stupidity on Fridays at a blog whose address I will not list here, because I think it would probably cheapen your rather excellent and thoughtful blog to even be associated with, in some tenuous fashion, that wretched hive of scum and villainy.
Edited to add: I am going to start a Texas criminal appellate blog one of these days, when I get the wherewithal.
I do not have a blog. The random thoughts in my head, if written down, would be cause to have me committed.
Well, I'm s regular reader for at least a year now, plus, I've been endorsed by Micah Circuitry and Magnificent Vista. Seems that should at least earn me your consideration for the blogroll.
The link still works, but "Tanny's News" is now called "The Learning Hand"
Wonder no more, fellow travelers, for I bring news and great tidings. Really it's just a blog post about the experience of driving a genius around. But anyway, you can find it here at The Davis Firm.

Did you see what I did there? Its an update about Prof. Carter's awesomeness, AND a new post to hopefully keep us on the Razor blogroll. I'm really going to try to post more, but I've been lacking in ideas worth sharing recently. Davis Firm readers should get ready to see more pictures of random projects I've done around the house!
I really thought about starting a blog. I feel like in this twitter age you are nobody if people don't know what you are thinking at ALL TIMES.
Blog, Turner. Do it.

And Prof., you should definitely check out Brooke's blog. It's fantastic.
That one about pancakes and scrapple? Drop it.

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