Friday, September 10, 2010


Haiku Friday: What up with the panda?

No further comment necessary. Haiku in the usual format of 5 syllables for the first line, seven for the second, and five for the third.

Here is mine:

Panda has issues
That are related to cheese.
Sure, but who doesn't?

Panada crusader!
he just wants to shop alone
and cut health-care costs
Oh! I have a better one:

It's Republi-Bear!
Sick of government hand-outs:
Free cheese and health care.
What an attitude!
Who is this renegade bear?
Pickles the Panda?
Upset panda bear
Couldn't find the bamboo aisle
Went koo-koo instead.
Dadgum Egyptians.
Ruining Buddy's best song.
At least best ballad...
This might be the deal:
Panda made this cheese herself.
Do panda's lactate?
One more example
Of "Egyptian Cheese Panda"
That Panda is a
Menace. Is that any way
to act, Mr. Panda?
Panda is stoned
It da eucalyptus, man
More like Chong than Cheech.
Just as a side-note, I like the way the panda re-arranges the cheese on the hospital tray at the very end.
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