Friday, September 24, 2010


Haiku Friday: Football

Football lends itself well to haiku-- it is dramatic, seasonal, and easily summed up.

Baylor versus Rice,
A good study in contrasts
In so many ways!

Now it is your turn...

Minnesota Twins
Take me out to the ballgame
College football, why?
Romo is the man!
Except when he isn't, like now.
Ah, stupid Cowboys...
Romo loves ballcapss
And throwing the ball away
And Philadelphia.
Touchdown Alley and
riding the green trolley bus:
Time to Sic 'em, Bears!

Overpriced sodas
and squirmy boys in their seats:
Jump up - cheer and stretch!
SEC idjits
think football so important.
Just entertainment.
"That's all right... s'OK.
You are gonna work for us
One fine future day."
Football doesn't hold
A candle to the pastime
National: Baseball!
All alone, with him
I am a football widow
Bean dip and sorrow
Football is for fun
Except when a growth plate breaks
Young boy's hopes are dashed

His bones heal quickly
Unlike the bones of elders
Soon he's off again

Hopes of fame draw him
One awesome catch and he's there
Star of High School days
Rice can't play ball
Why does Rice have a football
Team? Be engineers.
I do not like it.
Football, that is. Sorry to
disappoint you.
Blessed diversion!

But, I'm in practice court now.

We don't wear helmets.
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