Saturday, August 14, 2010


Witnesses explain the broken ankle

I've said it before and I'll say it again, up north you have to be moose-ready.
Didn't your talent show
interpretive dance feature a moose when you were a youngster?

Cosby said - tell Mark, old people shouldn't play volleyball (with moose).
no offense, but i hope the camera operator was not paid a hefty sum.
(i like to say "no offense" before i say mean things.)
Hey! That hurt.
I always attribute my bad knees to being chased down the beach by young men crazed at the sight of me in my bikini - with ill intent, not to make me put on a robe as my rather irreverent offspring suggest.

Alas, I did't think of interpretive dance - oh, well.

What is the plural of moose? Meese? Cuz it had to be more than one to break a guy's ankle. Or are you just getting old?
Did you know that moose are nearsighted? Makes people think they are somewhat calm and tame ~ until you get too close.
The "look" at 0:46 is priceless.
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