Sunday, August 08, 2010


Sunday Reflection: The Heart of the Matter at Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church in Waco

Last week, I described my visit to Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church for my last Sunday in Waco, and the great sermon I heard from Rev. Kerry Berkley. In that post, I mentioned that he had a great insight within that sermon, but did not way what it was-- I was saving that for this week.

Rev. Berkley was preaching on the raising of Lazarus, starting with the laments of Mary and Martha. Both women went to Jesus to tell him that their brother was dead, and both accused him-- saying that Lazarus would not have died if Jesus had been there. It was the same kind of lament we hear from so many who are hurt-- where was God?

Rev. Berkley noted that Jesus responded by asking where the body lay. It's a strange question; Jesus already knew and did not have to ask. So why did he?

The insight comes in Rev. Berkley's answer to that question. He suggested that what Jesus was really asking was for the women to "show me where you lost your faith."

"Show me where you lost your faith"-- a predicate question to a miracle. In other words, we must show God where we lost our faith, go back there with him, if we are to be healed. How challenging and profound is that? Yet it rings with simple truth. We all know that if we are to be honest with God, we all must answer that question at some point.

Thank you, Rev. Berkley.

Powerful insight. Thanks for sharing. Blessings on the move.
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