Monday, August 02, 2010


Mike Gravel and Social Media

I had a fascinating lunch today with Gardner Campbell, who heads up Baylor's Academy for Teaching and Learning, and is an expert on social media in the academy.

Our talk spurred a cascade of my own thoughts on intellectual life on the internet. Specifically, as Baylor comes up with a vision beyond 2012, I hope that the University makes it a priority to develop the use of new media in productive ways. Baylor's gift is the ability to transform the lives of students, to make them believe they can change the world. The ability to speak of faith is a true strength in that effort. Today, in the realms of faith and in the larger society, the world changes in response to new media. Understanding and harnessing electronic media isn't optional-- it must be a central part of teaching our students how they can live out their ambitions to change lives and societies for the better.

My own efforts in new media are halting and sometimes floundering, but I am trying. If Mike Gravel can do it (and Prof. Serr), though, then so can I:

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