Saturday, August 14, 2010


I don't live in Waco no more.

[Check out the appearance by Baylor cheerleaders at 1:18]

Actual conversation earlier this week:

Caller From the Waco Tribune Herald: Hi! We have a special right now, where if you get home delivery of the Waco Tribune Herald...

Newest Minnesotan: I'm sorry, I got the Trib for years and loved it, but now I live in Minnesota.

Caller from the Waco Tribune Herald: You don't live in Waco no more?

Newest Minnesotan (sadly): No, I don't live in Waco no more.

I am surprised she hadn't noticed that her own paper had already done a story about you not living in Waco no more
I love this song.
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I agree with the song. Come back.
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