Friday, August 20, 2010


Haiku Friday: Pie

I heart pie. I actually know how to make pie (though my crust is often a disaster). A long time ago, I made myself a lemon pie and then ate the whole thing. Bad idea.

Pictured here is one of my Mom's pies at the island. The oven there only has one temperature-- 400-- but she makes it work.

So, let's haiku about pie. Shout out your favorite, because summer won't last forever.

Blueberries, sugar,
flour, water, butter, yeast
This, I will savor.

Now it is your turn...

"Cami makes great pies,"
Was the first thing mom-in-law
Told me. She was right.
Best pie of them all. Secret
Ingredient: crack.
Pie? Who cares?
Aliens landed near Fresno
Last week- that's news!
Chocolate Cream Pie
Once you taste my mom's version
No other pie will do
Sour cherries, check.
Sift flour, sugar, salt. Butter becoming pebbles.

She let me add the
ice water. Dash is how much?
A line back to Eve.
strawberry rhubarb
raspberry pie is great, too
strawberry rhubarb.
Stawberry rhubarb
Fave, too, of Ford Maddox Ford
Strawberry rhubarb.
are real. They are berries grown
in Marion County, OR

never had rhubarb
pie. My favorite
is peach, or coconut.
PS FYI Marionberries are a cross between Blackberries and Raspberries and they are grown here in Oregon, near Canby, where I live the Berry capital of the UNIVERSE. In a place called MARION COUNTY.
AHem: .... Correction:

The 'Marion' cultivar (Rubus L. subgenus Rubus) or Marion blackberry, marketed as marionberry is a hybrid caneberry developed by the USDA ARS breeding program in cooperation with Oregon State University. It is a cross between the 'Chehalem' and 'Olallie' berries. The marionberry is currently the most common blackberry cultivar, accounting for over half of all blackberries produced in Oregon.

IN otherwords, You will not hear much about MARION COUNTY, OREGON until the Fall, when they annually drop a 1200 lb pumpkin on to an old BUS every year at Fir Point Farms ( home of the Corn Cannons) and it usually makes Good Morning America.

It is truly a comfort to know that Morning viewers all over the United states are watching this take place in Canby Oregon and thinking: "Wow, they are HICKS!" hahaha
Pie "Happy Hour"
At the Bluebonnet Cafe
Marble Falls, Texas.

(As seen today on our drive home... slice of pie and a drink for $3.50 each day from 3:30 to 5:00.
Coconut meringue:
Mouth watering at the thought!
Granny Fanny's best
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