Friday, August 13, 2010


Haiku Friday: Clothes

Our topic: Our best clothes ever.

I loved that shirt--
Blue with white stripes, just right
I gave it away.

Now it is your turn...

It was a black dress
Vintage, worn by my great aunt
Strapless and so sleek.

A diplomat's wife
She wore it to grand parties
I loved the image.

I starved for days
Wanting it to fit the same
And to feel like her.
Why do I always
Spill on my freshly pressed shirt
Just before service
pink, oxford cloth shirt
bought, oh so many years past
threadbare and well loved
Z Cavaricci
What a terrible mistake
Stay away from pleats
My white wedding gown
Beading, corset, long silk train
Worth its weight in love.
Skinny black ties rule!
My students say I look like
A Hong Kong gangster.
Came of age during
Anti-Style era; jeans, t-shirts
Stylish men's clothes, huh?
A good pair of jeans, t-shirt
That is all I need.
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