Friday, August 06, 2010


Haiku Friday: Best TV Show ever

I'm in Des Moines tonight, on my way to Minnesota. For whatever reason, whenever I am in a Hilton brand hotel and flip the tv on, Seinfeld reruns are on. I'm not sure if they have a special contract or what, but it is a good thing-- Seinfeld is my favorite show ever. I know this is silly and lite, but it's summer: Let's blog about tv.

Elaine shoves Jerry
Still cracks me up like nothing
A gentle surprise.

Now it is your turn...

Fun fact: I can beat anyone at Seinfeld trivia. Anyone.

My favorite show of all time is the Simpsons. After that, in no particular order, it's Seinfeld, Oz, Six Feet Under, and The Twilight Zone.
I hate Seinfeld, sir.
Really, what's up with that?
It is not funny.

My favorite show
Sadly marks me as a geek
I like to get LOST.
Well Mark you are rite.. this is the best show...
Six Feet Under on
my short list of favorites
The Simpson's rank too

Have to agree with
Lane's assessment! as the show
is about nothing
Felix the cat!
What he lacks in syllables
he makes up with tricks.
Best Scene from Best Show?
Arrested Development -
"Beads." - "Bees?!?" - "BeaDs." - "BEADS!?!!?!?!?!?!?" best.

"GOB's not on board."
300 hundred channels
Nothing on, too lazy to stop
Watch Top Chef reruns
Friends laugh at me, I
just don't watch TV. It's true.
Wish I got your jokes.
For friends in Boston
It was beer, Ted and Diane
Not New York coffee.
“Nanu-Nanu!” says
Mork. Yes, I’m a dork. I’m a
child of the 80s.
Mom said do not play
ball in the house oh my nose
So Cal so untrue
Mr. George Costanza
The best sit-com character
Yada, yada, ya...
The Office. Michael
So so so funny.
Prof- obviously,
You have never seen the Wire.
Please rent it tonight.

Hamsterdam; Prop. Joe.
Season Three forever changed
what TV could be.
Greatest Sit-Coms Ever
Seinfeld, Office, Cheers, Taxi,
Mary Tyler Moore

Gotta love the Sein
Raymond was also brilliant
Mod Fam has promise
I want to go where
everybody knows my name
always glad I came.
Sorry "Woody 4:52" - I would have added Woody to the haiku but not enough space!
"Anon 11:02"
OK Justin T What episode did "Man Hands" appear in?
Bizarro Jerry, my all-time favorite episode of Seinfeld. Season 8, my favorite season.
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