Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Bob Darden wins Baylor's First Diversity Enhancement Award

The Razor's own hero of writing, Bob Darden, has received the first-ever Diversity Enhancement Award at Baylor. I'm proud of him, and proud of Baylor for recognizing what it has, but most of all I am awed by what Bob has accomplished.

In short, Bob has always loved gospel music-- mostly, African-American gospel music from the deep South. Not long ago, he realized that the legacy of this music was being lost as vinyl records decayed. He literally decided to save this important part of America's artistic and religious heritage. One guy. No money. Just determination.

He did it, too. He saved the music by doing what he does best-- he wrote about it. He wrote a book about the music first, and then wrote about the potential loss we faced. He raised the money to start the Black Gospel Restoration Project at Baylor, which now has saved (in digital format) thousands of recordings that otherwise might have been lost.

I love knowing people who have actually changed the world. I'm glad that Baylor sees it, too.

What struck me, particularly, was his genuine enthusiasm and humility about being nominated, in the first place. I had the pleasure of calling to notify him of the award, and when we started talking, I forgot to even mention the honorarium! I had to call back to let him know about that part of the award.

I echo your kudos and appreciation to Bob Darden for his meaningful work.
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