Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Better writers than I

Yesterday, we had one of my favorite debates of all time in the comments section. Though my post did not address this issue, the question people cared about was this: Which is better, Tennessee (pork) barbecue or Texas (beef brisket) style? Apparently, it is quite a controversial topic. I would recommend you visit the comments section for yourself. See for yourself the banter between Lane (representing Texas), RRL (representing freedom), Dallas ADA (representing Old Europe), and Denise (representing Tennessee). Here are a few excerpts:

Call out:
Pulled pork is heaven on a plate and is the only true barbeque. As for the sauce - what can you mean by that? Would you rather have KC Masterpiece? Texas brisket is not barbeque. It is roast beef with sauce and is an abomination.

And Response:
As you no doubt possess a misguided loyalty to Tennessee, not having followed the stellar example of your countryman Davy Crockett, I must take up my educator's hat and inform the world of the blasphemy against the good name of barbecue that is pork, pulled or otherwise....

Just as importantly-- what beverage goes best with barbecue?

Nuthin' like Doctor Pepper.
Whatever you enjoy, I'm sure Dallas
ADA and his gestapo like police state
will simply seek to take away from
you under the auspices of some public
health initiative.

Me, I'll be drinking sweet tea, or
Mountain Dew until the fascists ban
sugar, and fun, and I end up against
the wall in a hail of gunfire, taken
down by the nanny state.

Smoke 'em (both meats and cigs) if
you got 'em.

Dr. Pepper is the traditional soft drink served at the Lane Household. We just went through three cases of real-sugar Dr. Pepper in a weekend. Yum.

For hard drinks, it depends on the time of year. In the heat of the summer, a nice blonde ale, like Bombshell, is my go-to beer.

But, as with all things Texas, a proper Texas ale is a good garnish to a brisket, and Shiner varietals are hard to beat. Live Oak Hefes are also good.
Because I'm mean:

Beef ribs, Eckrich sausage, corn and burgers on the grill.

A slow-smoked cowboy style brisket.

I hope someone looks at these before lunch tomorrow.
Lane - you can come grill at my house anytime. I'll supply the PORK RIBS.

As for beverages: simple food merits simple regional beverages:
Sweet Tea
Cheerwine (sort of like Dr. Pepper)
PBR (I can't figure out why this is SO popular in these parts).
The cheapest vodka your boyfriend can buy with his fake ID, mixed with red gatorade and served in the gatorade bottle (preferably with the label peeled off).

Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you said what beverage goes best with college.
Sunkist orange soda.
Big red or sweet tea.
What is Big Red?
If you are a strict Baptist, then it is ice tea. If you are a somewhat-less-than strict Baptist (clearing throat), the coldest beer you can find.

Oh, Christine, Big Red is a really scary drink. I cannot begin to describe the taste. (Ginger, I don't want to start beverage wars, I just have never been able to swallow one little drop of it. I fear that after yesterday's and today's comments, I am going to be run clear out of Texas!)

And, Lane... after seeing your photos, could I possibly accept your invitation?

Before I head into a witness protection program, my best!

It's mostly raccoon blood. They add some kind of preservative, and fizz.
I've decided to only prosecute RRL for his lifestyle. Everyone else can go about their business.
I will however require both DP and Big Red at RRLs tailgate this year when the Ags (including me) come to town. Pride in my homeland requires both to be mixed with Vodka. A nice brisket would be good too.
If your cigs are masked by sweet aroma coming off of the slow cooked meat, I might even let you enjoy each drag by eating constantly and keeping sounds to a minimum in order to facilitate swallowing.

I also enjoy a good Shiner seeing as one can stand next to the cooking meat, and alternate beween basting the meat with the beer and drinking the rest.
Dublin Dr. Pepper or plain old Budweiser. For a heavier beer, it's surprisingly good with food.

Why do you always take two Baptists fishing with you? Because if you take one, he/she will drink all of your beer.
Y'all are killing me.

Christine- It is like fizzy liquid red candy, so delicious. I must admit it is best with Elgin Hot Sausage, the finest hot sausage on the planet. If you are ever down this way, give me a holler and I'll be glad to introduce you.

Denise- "Get a rope." lol
I'm late to the party, but I'm not sure how Tennessee got elected to carry the banner for pulled pork BBQ, as North Carolina's pork BBQ is quite obviously superior.

With a beer chaser. (Or "sidecar," if you prefer.)
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