Wednesday, July 28, 2010


UPDATE: Crack/powder bill passes!

In what must be a good omen for Baylor football (see the post below), the House of representatives passed a bill drastically lowering the mandatory minimums for crack cocaine under federal law. It was, significantly, the first time a mandatory minimum for narcotics has been reduced since 1971.

You can read more here.

Truly a cause for celebration. Well done, my friend.
Congratulations! I know how hard you have worked on this issue. I hope you do celebrate and I am sure there will be many media moments in the next several days. This is a very good thing.
AWESOME Its like they were waiting until you left TX to do it hahah CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
Congratulations, Professor Osler, on a tremendous victory! It must be incredibly gratifying to see so much work finally come to fruition after months of congressional delay. Next step, retroactive crack/powder commutation?
congrats! first the guidelines, and now crack. pretty good work you've done in 10 years, eh?
Nice good!
Congratulations. I just hope you are able to continue your important work in a parka and touk.
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